Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Flies!!

It's been over a year since I've posted! Wow! How'd that happen? Kinda sad, too, because I've had all kinds of nice Everyday Vacations lately. So, let's start over; starting with last weekend.

We've discovered that there are a lot of wineries near our home! Before, we would just take a weekend, or a week, and head down to the Texas Hill Country to experience wonderful wines. Lately, though, it seems that several local wineries are gaining a lot of ground. This weekend, we went to two of them.

First, we headed out to Parker. This is a nice trip for an Everyday Vacation anyway, because of a very famous landmark out Parker-way, called Southfork Ranch. Yes, the famous ranch where exteriors of the 70's prime-time drama, Dallas, were filmed.

But, who knew that there was a winery tucked away there? And not just a winery, but a vineyard. Khatter Vineyards, specifically. Grapes are grown locally, and wine is produced locally. Our favorite was the Texas Ruby Red, which, sadly, is now out of production. Another couple in attendance had bought the last case of it.

The setting is just a little piece of heaven, which is what an Everyday Vacation is all about! You walk up a gravel driveway and enter under an arbor to a vision of lovely grapevines. Mature trees all around, and a stone patio with a wood deck. The tasting room is a rustic little cabin with low ceilings and all kinds of charm. It was literally like stepping out of the city and into the country. Although, to my mind, even better, because, even though it was incredibly peaceful, I could still hear traffic from the road. (I like to feel connected to society) We got a bottle of wine and sat out on the patio and enjoyed the view and the wine, and one of the friendly dogs that live there. What a great way to get a little slice of vacation right at the end of a hectic week?

Listen up, readers - you could have the chance to own a this little suburban paradise. Our proprietress mentioned that the property may be up for sale soon.

Our second winery of the weekend was located on the opposite side of the Dallas metro area in Grapevine. Cross Timbers Winery. And it's a charmer, too! On a large lot with mature trees and shrubbery, the winery is a converted old home. There's a long bar and tables inside for tasting, a furnished porch with a swing out front, and a large backyard out back for enjoying the day. It was absolutely perfect weather - low 70's, sunny, clear, and a great day to take an Everyday Vacation. A bottle of their Sangiovese, cushion-y chairs on the front porch, and some old-fashioned Texas humor from our proprietor, and it was altogether perfect.

So - don't go far, go local! I'm sure you can find the perfect spots near you to take your own Everyday Vacation!

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Food Czar said...

RC, who would believe that all these beautiful rustic wineries are smack dab in the middle of the Metroplex? It is so nice to linger for a glass or two with you before heading back into the hustle and bustle of the workaday world!