Sunday, November 14, 2010

Go Off the Beaten Path

When you're a city-dweller (OK, a suburb-dweller) it's amazing how much is nearby that you have no idea even exists. So, I recommend taking out a map of your area and looking around.

For instance, I had absolutely no idea there was a city nearby called Princeton, TX. No clue whatsoever. So when my husband suggested we go to a winery in Princeton, I asked, how far away is that? And the answer - 40 minutes. 40 minutes? That's practically just across town. And so it is. Just south of McKinney, very close to the McKinney Municipal Airport is Princeton. A little further east than I expected.

People laugh at me because I'm afraid of wide-open spaces. I prefer the safety offered by the big city. Lots of raised eyebrows when I say that. Lots of people move *out* of the city because of a perception of danger. Not me. If I had to live on a daily basis where there was a possibility I'd not see another person, and that it would take 3 times as long for the police or an ambulance to arrive, or, worse, that I wouldn't have cell phone reception and I'd fall in a ditch and not be able to get up and so I'd starve to death...well, that's far more frightening to me than the options the city gives me.

Which makes Princeton so perfect for an Everyday Vacation! Away from the city far enough that you can hear the birds chirp and the rooster down the road crow (although, why it was crowing at 3:00pm, I don't know), and just enjoy the scenery on a cool, crisp day. Yet, be able to get home before sundown.

Our winery visity was to Collin Oaks Winery in Princeton. They are practically famous for their sweet fruit wines. Steve told us that many people come by looking for dry wines, and leave with a case of my personal favorite sweet wine, Blueberry! Absolutely delicious. Grab a bottle and head out to the deck, and just...relax. You need it!

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