Saturday, April 11, 2009

"I'm Way Too Busy to Take a Break!!"

I'm going to pretend I didn't just hear you say that. Because it's simply not true! When you're at your busiest - that's when you need an everyday vacation the most!

Take me for example. I just started a new job after being off for 2 months, so you can imagine the frenzy of activity surrounding that. Deciding what benefits to sign up for, trying to make sure my wardrobe aligns with the new company's dress code, setting up direct deposit, etc., in addition to actually learning my new job, getting to know my new coworkers, and trying to get my bearings in a new building I'm not used to yet. Not to mention getting used to the commute and new sleep/wake schedule.

And not only am I starting a new job, but I'm getting ready to move in less than a month. Yes, I like to make all my major life changes within 30 days of one another. ;)

So you can imagine - my brain hurts! All I want to do at the end of the day is go home and go to sleep. But if I do that, I'll just wake up tired. What I need is an everyday vacation! Maybe two! So I planned a two-parter.

First, I kept a hair appointment all the way across town in spite of my strong desire to just go home after work. I knew that getting fresh color and highlights would perk me up. Chatting with the stylist I've been going to for years is also a great stress-reliever. And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the scalp massage portion of my shampoo!! Like a mini-spa treatment! And best of all - this is already a budgeted expense, so no extra cash outlay for this little get-away. So my tip for you is - keep up your regularly-scheduled pampering routine and treat it as a built-in everyday vacation.

For the second part of my everyday vacation, I met a friend for sushi, my favorite food! This may sound routine, rather than vacation-like, but here's what made it special. I hadn't seen my friend in a while; in fact, it had been over two months. There was lots of news to catch up on, and this is a friend who always makes me laugh. We all know that laughter is a sure-cure for what ails you!

Also, we met at a sushi place we had never tried before called Sushi of Plano. It's in a little strip mall on the east side of Plano, has about 6 tables and a sushi bar. I chose to sit at the bar, because I love to watch my rolls being made. Another thing I love to do when I go to a sushi place is try one of their specialty rolls. At Sushi of Plano they have a roll called S.O. The Beach, and it's amazing! I can hardly even describe it - it's a sort of blend of tropical, Asian, Tex-Mex flavors with an unexpected crunch. Go check out their menu for more information. Better yet - head over to Sushi of Plano and try one yourself!

Not into sushi? No problem. What's your favorite food? Got it? Now, find a place that serves that style that you've never been to before. Order the special. Voila'! Everyday Vacation!